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The Architect

Finikis Terraces was designed by the Architectural Office of Sonia Papaevripiadou, a South Africa trained and qualified architect.

Sonia specializes in luxury private residences and was specifically selected to design this particular building as a challenge, so that she brings the good elements of the exclusive private residence to a multi-residential building.

The final result proves just this – each apartment stands on its own just like a private residence – apartments are spacious, bedrooms have en suite bathrooms, there is plenty of cupboard space, higher ceilings, private pools, large terraces, plenty of green on the terraces and around the building, correct positioning of the building with large openings in the south and smaller in the north, perforated façade to protect from the strong sun on the east and west of the building without blocking the wind as well as north – south openings for all apartments to cool the spaces in the hot summers.

A lot of energy and determination was put into designing Finikis Terraces and the result is unique!

The Developer

Moriasio Investments Ltd is a Cyprus-based property developing company with investments in Cyprus, Eastern Europe and South Africa. Investments include commercial properties, land and other residential developments.

Finikis Terraces is a development by Purnelia Properties Ltd, a joint venture between Moriasio Investments Ltd and a private investor.

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